Rifeng’s Story in Peruvian Market

Jan. 02, 2020
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Since the year of 2012, Rifeng has been building a growing cooperation with its exclusive agent in Peru. Currently, their business mainly focuses in plumbing and gas system. Years of industrial experiences have never undermined the Peruvian agent’s faith in Rifeng's quality-oriented products, and instead, they are always on their way to promote Rifeng brand and products in the market.


As a matter of fact, Rifeng has witnessed how it’s sophisticated Peruvian agent paved the path for a growing market with their own strategies in the past 8 years.


Each Spring and Fall, the two seasonal football leagues among the Peru agent and its cooperative enterprises have not only proven their passion for football but their day-by-day closer partnership. Doubtlessly the football match, growing popularity in South America, plays a certain role in publicity, rooting the Rifeng Brand deeper in the local people’s mind year by year. 


(Football championship)


(Football championship)

In addition to the football leagues, Peruvian agents have conducted a series of local marketing activities so as to win more customers’ favor, such as new product launching conference and professional trade shows.


In May 2019, the debut of its new product lines--Gas Valves and Gas Manifolds impressed a lot their old and new fans.


(New product launching conference)

Industrial exhibitions are another important way of promotion. Peruvian agent has never ceased participating in local industrial exhibitions for the past few years.


(Industrial exhibition-Rifeng booth)

The secret of the lasting relationship between Rifeng and its Peruvian agent lies in Rifeng’s continuous support provided to their important Peruvian “brother” as well as in the agent’s persistent loyalty to its Chinese “brother”. Both parties reveal their optimistic expectation on their partnership and business growth in the future without a frown.